A L C O H O L I C S  A N O N Y M O U S 

                                                                WELCOME TO WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA

Williamsburg Area Intergroup/District 38
PHONE: (757)253-1234

To talk with someone privately or if you have a specific question about alcoholism you may call the AA Williamsburg hotline at (757) 784-7594, but please do NOT call the hotline just to get times & places for meetings as meeting information is available on this website or from (757) 253-1234


1. This website is a public information vehicle of the Williamsburg Area Intergroup and District 38 and contains only publicly available information about Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.).

2. The purpose of this website is to assist in carrying the message of  A.A. 

3. This website contains the following information for individuals desiring to make a face-to-face connection with A.A.:
    a. A list of A.A. meetings in the Williamsburg area.

    b. A list of A.A. events in the Williamsburg area.

4. Operating within the principles embodied in the Twelve Traditions of A.A., this website does specifically , but not exclusively:
    a. Link to A.A. General Service Office (GSO), Grapevine and Virginia Area Websites.
    b. Maintains a tradition of anonymity.
    c. Does not endorse nor display any non-A.A. entity.   

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws for Williamsburg Area Intergroup (WAI) in PDF format


District 38 Guidelines in PDF format

Williamsburg Area Intergroup
4925 Centerville Road
Williamsburg, Va 23185
(Next to James River Baptist Church)



Officers                                                              E-Mail Address

District 38 DCM                                                                                                                    dcm@aawilliamsburg.org

District 38 ADCM                                                                                                              

District 38 Secretary                                                                                                38secretary@aawilliamsburg.org

District 38 Treasurer                                                                                                38treasurer@aawilliamsburg.org

District 38 Archivist                                                                                                     archivist@aawilliamsburg.org

District 38/Intergroup Liaison                                                                                        liaison@aawilliamsburg.org

Williamsburg Area Intergroup Chair                                                                         waichair@aawilliamsburg.org

Williamsburg Area Intergroup Alternate Chair                                                   waialtchair@aawilliamsburg.org

Williamsburg Area Intergoup Secretary                                                            waisecretary@aawilliamsburg.org

Williamsburg Area Intergroup Treasurer                                                           waitreasurer@aawilliamsburg.org

Committee Chairs

Bookstore                                                                                                                   bookstore@aawilliamsburg.org

Cooperation with the Professional Community                                                                

Williamsburg Area Intergroup Nomination Committee                                    nominations@aawilliamsburg.org

Newsletter                                                                                                                   newsletter@aawilliamsburg.org

Phone Committee                                                                                                             

Public Information                                                                                                                    pi@aawilliamsburg.org

Special Events & Workshops                                                                                       events@aawilliamsburg.org

Treatment & Corrections                                                                                           treatment@aawilliamsburg.org

Website Coordinator                                                                                                    

Order Forms for AA Material @ WAI Bookstore
Book and Grapevine Literature Order Forms
Chip/Medallion & Pamphlet Order Forms


General Service Office
P.O. Box 459, Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163

Treasurer, Virginia Area Committee
PO Box 35445
N Chesterfield, VA 23235

District 8 - Hampton
P. O. Box 7574
Hampton, VA 23666

District 12 - Newport News
P. O. Box 22228
Newport News, VA 23609

District 38 - Williamsburg
P. O. Box 2023
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Williamsburg Area Intergroup
P. O. Box 1525
Williamsburg, VA 23187


AA Links:    www.aa.org